You came back

I've been thinking of you a lot lately...
You might not read this or know it's you,
but you've captured my mind....

Wonder how I would feel if I saw you on the street...
The same olde feelings,
or just emptyness...
Perhaps it's better not to see you ever again?

I've left you behind,
Pushed away my feelings..
forced you out of my head,
but lately you've comed back

My mind never did as I told it to,
And now it's bringing out those pictures of you
Those who makes me stare
Those who makes my heart beat faster

Still today I think of you,
Just when I'm alone...
I guess I'm too scared the thaugh of you
I'm scared I'll cry again, scared you'll be the one again...

How silly I sound...
Like every other foolishly teen in love
But I can't help it...
You've comed back..
And it scares the crap out of me...

I guess...
I guess I never forgot you
Never stoped thinking of you..
And I know it's because my mind won't let you go

I Love You...

You're the one with the key...
Would you mind returning it so that I can let others in? </3

xoxo LaLionneM

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08.sep.2010 kl.17:03

Har du skrevet den sangen? Uansett, den er nydelig ^^


08.sep.2010 kl.22:08


Ja, det er mine ord. Takker for rosen! <3 Det vvar bare følelser som måtte ut... Kanskje jeg burde lage melodi til den? ;)

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